Wrapping hair around the base of a ponytail is a quick fix that stylish gals rely on to create a polish look in an instant.

1. Gather your own hair into a ponytail securing it with an elastic hair band.

2. Attach the Hair Couture Velcro Ponytail and secure in place using the tooth combs.

3. For extra security fasten the drawstring, once you have placed the pony as high or low as you want.

4. Take the strand attached to the Velcro and wrap around till the strand disappears.

5. For added slickness various styling products may be used (Not advised to use too much).


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Made from 100% high quality tongable synthetic hair and a soft net cap. The hair is tongable up to 200’C which helps maintain styles better and keeps curls for longer. The cap is specially designed using soft material and elastic tapes to allow comfort and ventilation. The drawstring adjusts the size of the cap for a secure fitting ponytail. This ponytail is two styles in one, so the ponytail can be reversed to changed for another look.

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