About Us

My passion for enhancing beauty through hair goes beyond what words could ever explain. I have 16years of expeirence. I felt incredibly blessed to have found a career that resonates with me so perfectly. As a hair artist, I believe in honesty, patience, creativity and hard work all functioning together to produce a beautiful end result for my clients. I use hair as my canvas to bring out a distinctive and fresh approach to draw out each client’s unique beauty. Hair to me is art and I totally enjoy the process of transforming someone from start to finish.

The journey started back home in Gambia, where i started doing my friends & family’s hair. My passion continued as i started a business

I went to college to study caucasian hair at level 2 and 3. I then found my first hair dressing job in a salon in crewe, where I worked for 5 years.

Went on to later rent a seat in a salon in middle witch for 3 months. Then I moved down to nantwich, renting a chair at salon 21 for two and a half years. Gaining more experience in doing different hair styles and dealing with different hair types.

While working at salon 21, I kept saving some morning from my earnings within a year I opened my own salon real couture in early 2015. I do handmade wigs to fit my clients, I do weaves, braids and all sorts of hairstyles for all types of hair textures. Now finally working towards having my own hair line.

Jai has one the master extenoinist awrd in Septemeber 2017 She’s one of the first in cheshire to receive the award from Beauty Works, a company that supplies luxury human hair extensions to salons and independents.